Oasis 2.0

Deliver competent, compassionate care

Oasis 2.0 is a unique approach to achieving collaborative, interdisciplinary, person-directed care.​

The training includes five modules:

  • The Evolving World of Long-Term Care

  • Recovery and Person-Directed Care

  • Dementia Care from the Inside-Out / Outside-In

  • Behavior is Communication

  • Creating Positive Conditions

An optional sixth module, Partners in Care, is tailored for presenting to friends and family so they can better help those they care about.

How to use the Oasis 2.0 curriculum in your long-term care setting

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Visit the resource page to download either the entire curriculum Zip file or individual modules as needed to reinforce learning.

To best support your staff's learning, we recommend a refresher course within six months.

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Learn more:

Journal of the American Medical Association

A new study on Oasis was published in the Journal of the American Medical Association (JAMA).

Abstract and full text:


Key points:


Can nursing homes reduce antipsychotic use by training staff that behavioral and psychological symptoms of dementia are the communication of unmet resident needs?


This quasi-experimental longitudinal study of the OASIS communication training program examined antipsychotic use before and after intervention training in 93 nursing homes. OASIS nursing homes had greater antipsychotic use reductions compared with 831 nonintervention nursing homes, but this influence waned over time.


Training nursing home staff to understand challenging resident behavior as the communication of unmet needs can reduce antipsychotic use, but training needs to be reinforced for a sustained influence.

History of the Oasis 2.0 Curriculum

Originally designed in 2009, the curriculum helped turn around three struggling facilities facing

  • immediate jeopardy,

  • staff burnout,

  • high turnover, and

  • high levels of resident-to-resident and resident-to-staff aggression.

The approach--which emphasizes addressing core human needs--worked. The participating staff named the curriculum Oasis to reflect the calm they now felt when facing challenging situations.

The training was then duplicated with successful pilot programs in 20 additional homes in Massachusetts.

Oasis today

Thanks to the combined efforts of caregivers, staff, families and management, the Oasis curriculum is used in over 1000 nursing homes across the U.S. It was updated to Oasis 2.0. in 2017.

We look forward to your participation.

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